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For those who love the comfort and breathability of Allbirds’ merino wool on their feet, we have great news for you: The popular sneaker and apparel brand known for creating cloudlike products with environmental sustainability in mind just launched an activewear collection. And we can tell you from firsthand experience that it will take your workouts to the next level.

The Allbirds Natural Run Collection, which officially became available on Tuesday, Aug. 17, is unique in that it doesn’t rely mainly on polyester as the main fabric for the line. Instead, Allbirds spent thousands of hours of testing to find which materials would have a low-carbon impact without compromising on breathability and the ability to wick sweat and dry quickly. The result was a blend of eucalyptus tree fibers and merino wool, which is known to reduce odor, stretch with the body and keep you dry. Both materials can be found in Allbirds’ other beloved shoes and apparel, which is often what sets them apart from other competitors on the market.


Right now the collection features a range of activewear apparel for both men and women, including the Natural Legging and Bike Short and the Natural Run Tank and Tee, which can be found in three to four neutral shades depending on the item.

We had the opportunity to try the Natural Legging, Natural Run Short and Natural Run Form Tank, and our high expectations were certainly met. The leggings are simultaneously buttery soft and incredibly light, and after a particularly intense 45-minute spin class, felt more dry to the touch than classic polyester. The same was true for the tank top; the typical post-workout damp and uncomfortable feeling was surprisingly gone. Though the tank offered additional coverage than working out in just a sports bra, it was very effective at wicking sweat and keeping odor at bay — not to mention, the fit was comfortable with just the right amount of stretch. Overall, they were both pretty true to size.


The shorts, while not the best for spin, proved incredibly comfortable and effective at keeping sweat at bay during other workouts. They’re long, so you don’t have to worry about them riding up or exposing underwear during your workout. They’re also more silky, like traditional running shorts, and won’t uncomfortably cling to your body.

Overall, Allbirds has delivered exactly what you’d expect from its activewear line: comfort, breathability and an environmentally sustainable product. Find the line here, with prices starting at $48.

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