We love a good Nordstrom sale, and this year the holiday savings are starting earlier than ever. As of Nov. 4, Nordstrom’s early Black Friday sale has officially kicked off, with up to 40% off apparel for men, women and kids, along with home goods, beauty products and more.

There is a lot currently discounted, from brands like Acne, Barbour, Ganni, Everlane and Nike, to name just a few, so consider this a great time to get your winter wardrobe rounded off and some items ticked off the gift list.

To make the sale even better, more deals will be added on Nov. 19, so keep an eye out then as the bargains continue to roll in. Finally, once Cyber Weekend hits from Nov. 27 to Nov. 30, we’ll see some highly anticipated products discounted across all categories, so be sure to check back here during that time.

Right now the bargains are just too good to ignore, though, and we’ve rounded up some of our top picks from the sale below.

<h3 class="subheader" data-editable="text" data-uri="cms.cnn.com/_components/subheader/instances/ckvlcievz00213e6i6qtuwa70@published" data-component-name="subheader" id="Gorjana-Laguna-Adjustable-Lariat-Necklace-($27.40,-originally-$75;-nordstrom.com)”> Gorjana Laguna Adjustable Lariat Necklace ($27.40, originally $75; nordstrom.com)

Gorjana Laguna Adjustable Lariat Necklace

This three-way necklace can be worn as a lariat, choker or pendant, so you’re getting a necklace that can do triple duty over the holiday season’s slew of social events.

<h3 class="subheader" data-editable="text" data-uri="cms.cnn.com/_components/subheader/instances/ckvlcpwbs002w3e6iujxnmc75@published" data-component-name="subheader" id="Zella-Renew-High-Waist-7/8-Leggings-($39,-originally-$69;-nordstrom.com)”> Zella Renew High Waist 7/8 Leggings ($39, originally $69; nordstrom.com)

Zella Renew High Waist 7/8 Leggings

Zella’s famously soft, comfortable leggings are $30 off right now — and you’ll want to shop your size before they sell out (and try to snag both colorways while you’re at it). There’s a hidden pocket in the waistband for keys too.

<h3 class="subheader" data-editable="text" data-uri="cms.cnn.com/_components/subheader/instances/ckvlcr755003b3e6iqf6qceae@published" data-component-name="subheader" id="Vince-Kady-Water-Repellent-Boot-($237,-originally-$395;-nordstrom.com)”> Vince Kady Water-Repellent Boot ($237, originally $395; nordstrom.com)

Vince Kady Water-Repellent Boot

The trouble with rain boots is that they always look too much like rain boots. We’re in 2021; why can’t they just look like normal shoes? Enter these Vince delights, which look like a minimalist suede Chelsea boot but are water-repellent for any puddles the sidewalk brings you.

<h3 class="subheader" data-editable="text" data-uri="cms.cnn.com/_components/subheader/instances/ckvlcsfbm003q3e6i0fk1t9yw@published" data-component-name="subheader" id="Brookside-Sweater-($69.90,-originally-$128;-nordstrom.com)”> Brookside Sweater ($69.90, originally $128; nordstrom.com)

Brookside Sweater

Welcome to fall’s perfect slouchy sweater. It’s loose-fitting for ultimate comfort, a Zoom-appropriate vibe and a great shape, thanks to a banded hem and center-back seam.

<h3 class="subheader" data-editable="text" data-uri="cms.cnn.com/_components/subheader/instances/ckvlctr0c004a3e6iis9fc55y@published" data-component-name="subheader" id="Le-Creuset-Mini-Round-Cocotte-($20,-originally-$28;-nordstrom.com)”> Le Creuset Mini Round Cocotte ($20, originally $28; nordstrom.com)

Le Creuset Mini Round Cocotte

Perfect for serving up warm appetizers or a side for one, this little cocotte holds 8 ounces and is safe for use in the microwave, under the boiler or in the oven.

<h3 class="subheader" data-editable="text" data-uri="cms.cnn.com/_components/subheader/instances/ckvlcujko004p3e6ilr35fq23@published" data-component-name="subheader" id="Smeg-Two-Slice-Toaster-($239.95,-originally-$310;-nordstrom.com)”> Smeg 2-Slice Toaster ($239.95, originally $310; nordstrom.com)

Smeg 2-Slice Toaster

Smeg’s retro aesthetics are a staple in cool-kid kitchens, and this two-slicer will brown your morning toast in serious style.

<h3 class="subheader" data-editable="text" data-uri="cms.cnn.com/_components/subheader/instances/ckvlcviee00543e6izone77ag@published" data-component-name="subheader" id="All-Clad-HA1-2.5-Quart-Saucepan-with-Lid-($54.99,-originally-$70;-nordstrom.com)”> All-Clad HA1 2.5-Quart Saucepan With Lid ($54.99, originally $70; nordstrom.com)

All-Clad HA1 2.5-Quart Saucepan With Lid

This almost perfectly rated saucepan will make your stews and pasta sauces simmer beautifully — and the glass lid lets you keep an eye on progress too.

<h3 class="subheader" data-editable="text" data-uri="cms.cnn.com/_components/subheader/instances/ckvlcxznb005j3e6iazarg17g@published" data-component-name="subheader" id="Balsam-Hill-Artificial-LED-Light-Vermont-White-Spruce-Narrow-Tree-(starting-at-$499.99,-originally-starting-at-$699.99;-nordstrom.com)”> Balsam Hill Artificial LED Light Vermont White Spruce Narrow Tree (starting at $499.99, originally starting at $699.99; nordstrom.com)

Balsam Hill Artificial LED Light Vermont White Spruce Narrow Tree

Based on a white spruce tree, this tree is perfect for smaller rooms or tighter spaces, thanks to its narrow but still lush shape.

<h3 class="subheader" data-editable="text" data-uri="cms.cnn.com/_components/subheader/instances/ckvlcz5kr00633e6i2pczwv9p@published" data-component-name="subheader" id="Zella-Men’s-Performance-Long-Sleeve-T-Shirt-($19.43,-originally-$29;-nordstrom.com)”> Zella Men’s Performance Long-Sleeve T-Shirt ($19.43, originally $29; nordstrom.com)

Zella Men’s Performance Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Perfect for everything from the morning run to acting as a base layer, this customer-favorite Zella T-shirt is moisture-wicking and breathable.

<h3 class="subheader" data-editable="text" data-uri="cms.cnn.com/_components/subheader/instances/ckvld03jx006i3e6i933ddvku@published" data-component-name="subheader" id="Barbour-Barlow-Gilet-Vest-($99.90,-originally-$180;-nordstrom.com)”> Barbour Barlow Gilet Vest ($99.90, originally $180; nordstrom.com)

Barbour Barlow Gilet Vest

Perfect for layering up with a light knit on crisp days, this Barbour vest embodies the quality the British brand is known for with an elegant diamond quilting for added polish.

<h3 class="subheader" data-editable="text" data-uri="cms.cnn.com/_components/subheader/instances/ckvld16av006x3e6ie76f7def@published" data-component-name="subheader" id="Alo-Traverse-Mixed-Media-Pullover-($70.80,-originally-$118;-nordstrom.com)”> Alo Traverse Mixed Media Pullover ($70.80, originally $118; nordstrom.com)

Alo Traverse Mixed Media Pullover

This sweatshirt is no mere sweatshirt. Stylish and minimalist, it would look just as great with joggers or sports shorts as it would a pair of black jeans for the office. Plus, it has a handy pocket on the sleeve for your gym pass.

<h3 class="subheader" data-editable="text" data-uri="cms.cnn.com/_components/subheader/instances/ckvld274b007c3e6i0sy91oqo@published" data-component-name="subheader" id="Pendleton-Mt.-Hood-Stripe-Jacket-($149.90;-originally-$250;-nordstrom.com)”> Pendleton Mt. Hood Stripe Jacket ($149.90; originally $250; nordstrom.com)

Pendleton Mt. Hood Stripe Jacket

Pendleton’s woven textiles are always a classic to add to the closet, and this jacket features autumnal tones of olive and burgundy in an easy-to-wear lined wool jacket.

<h3 class="subheader" data-editable="text" data-uri="cms.cnn.com/_components/subheader/instances/ckvld3cf7007w3e6i8bs9l82z@published" data-component-name="subheader" id="Mario-Badescu-Full-Size-Drying-Lotion,-Face-Mist-&-Lip-Balm-Set-($19.55,-originally-$23;-nordstrom.com)”> Mario Badescu Full-Size Drying Lotion, Face Mist & Lip Balm Set ($19.55, originally $23; nordstrom.com)

Mario Badescu Full-Size Drying Lotion, Face Mist & Lip Balm Set

Complete with three of Mario’s bestselling, most-loved products, this set will help your skin and lips stay hydrated and unbothered by winter weather — and the drying lotion really does live up to its reputation as a lifesaver if you have a zit that’s annoying you.

<h3 class="subheader" data-editable="text" data-uri="cms.cnn.com/_components/subheader/instances/ckvld48x9008b3e6il552a4lp@published" data-component-name="subheader" id="Welbe-Set-of-7-Washable-Cosmetic-Cloths-($12,-originally-$30;-nordstrom.com)”> Welbe Set of 7 Washable Cosmetic Cloths ($12, originally $30; nordstrom.com)

Welbe Set of 7 Washable Cosmetic Cloths

These cloths offer all the ease of using cotton pads for your micellar water without the waste — just wipe, toss into your bathroom hamper and wash.

<h3 class="subheader" data-editable="text" data-uri="cms.cnn.com/_components/subheader/instances/ckvld531b008q3e6ifxhumlfs@published" data-component-name="subheader" id="Soeder-Large-Herbal-Aloe-Natural-Hand-Sanitizer-($22.80,-$38-value;-nordstrom.com)”> Soeder Large Herbal Aloe Natural Hand Sanitizer ($22.80, $38 value; nordstrom.com)

Soeder Large Herbal Aloe Natural Hand Sanitizer

The pandemic equivalent of posh bathroom soap when guests come over, this hand sanitizer is great to keep right on your entry table when friends and family arrive for dinner.

<h3 class="subheader" data-editable="text" data-uri="cms.cnn.com/_components/subheader/instances/ckvld6bx9009a3e6iunymeirz@published" data-component-name="subheader" id="Scotch-&-Soda-Amsterdam-Scotch-R’Belle-Kids’-Allover-Print-Dress-($88.50,-originally-$118;-nordstrom.com)”> Scotch & Soda Amsterdam Scotch R’Belle Kids’ Allover Print Dress ($88.50, originally $118; nordstrom.com)

Scotch & Soda Amsterdam Scotch R’Belle Kids’ Allover Print Dress

Loose and accented with playful ruffles, this patterned dress in shades of oxblood and peach looks great in family photos and is comfy enough to wear all day too.

<h3 class="subheader" data-editable="text" data-uri="cms.cnn.com/_components/subheader/instances/ckvld77fq009p3e6ifpesd9q8@published" data-component-name="subheader" id="The-North-Face-Kids’-Camp-Fleece-Shorts-($18,-originally-$30;-nordstrom.com)”> The North Face Kids’ Camp Fleece Shorts ($18, originally $30; nordstrom.com)

The North Face Kids’ Camp Fleece Shorts

Perfect for hanging around the house in cooler temperatures or for staying up late at a friend’s house, these cozy black fleece shorts are the kind of loungewear fall practically demands.

<h3 class="subheader" data-editable="text" data-uri="cms.cnn.com/_components/subheader/instances/ckvld86xm00a43e6is97ntt9n@published" data-component-name="subheader" id="Adidas-Superstar-Water-Resistant-Insulated-Bootie-($39,-originally-$65;-nordstrom.com)”> Adidas Superstar Water-Resistant Insulated Bootie ($39, originally $65; nordstrom.com)

Adidas Superstar Water-Resistant Insulated Bootie

This little-kid take on the grown-up waterproof booties above are super stylish and have an easy-on, easy-off Velcro closure. They’re great for colder days too, thanks to bonus insulation.

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